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Like a trusty compass guiding travelers to their destinations, CompassHarmony navigates the uncharted territories of race and racism for newcomers in Ontario. Our mission is to help them find their way towards a harmonious and inclusive society, free from racial prejudice.

We are CompassHarmony, an ensemble of dreamers, thinkers, and doers united by diversity. We originate from different corners of the globe, yet we share a common goal—to create an Ontario where every voice is honored, where every story is valued.

We strive to shed light on the unseen, to untangle the intricacies of race and racism, and to inspire actions that combat prejudice. We undertake this mission not just because it is a necessity, but because we firmly believe in the transformative power of unity in diversity.

In our commitment to this cause, we guide newcomers, equipping them with the understanding and tools necessary to identify, confront, and rise above racial bias. We envision an Ontario where everyone, regardless of their race or origin, feels welcomed, heard, and respected.

Join us on this journey towards creating a harmonious Ontario, where diversity is celebrated, and unity is our strength. Welcome to CompassHarmony.


Curiosity is the spark that fuels our journey of discovery. It's what brought you here, to a space where questions meet answers. Our Frequently Asked Questions is a library of knowledge, each query a reflection of the vibrant and inquisitive community we serve. Explore, learn, and let your questions pave the way to deeper understanding.

Q: Why is understanding racism important?

A: The journey to unity begins with understanding. Racism, often lurking in the unseen corners of society, affects the way we interact with the world and with each other. By understanding racism, we empower ourselves and others to challenge biases, promote equality, and weave a more inclusive tapestry of community.

Q: How can these videos help me?

A: Our video series is a guide, a beacon in the complex world of race and racism. Through these narratives, you'll learn to recognize instances of bias, understand their impact, and find ways to respond. Knowledge is your compass, and our videos are here to guide your journey.

Q: What can I do if I encounter racism?

A: Experiencing racism can be disheartening, but remember, you're not alone. Reach out to supportive communities, speak up when safe to do so, and use available resources to report incidents. Above all, believe in your voice—it's a powerful tool for change.

Q: Can I share these videos with others?

A: Absolutely! Knowledge grows when shared. Feel free to spread our videos far and wide. After all, every conversation sparked is a step towards a more understanding and inclusive Ontario.

Q: How can I support your initiative?

A: Your support means the world to us! You can help by sharing our videos, engaging in dialogue about racism, and standing up against bias when you see it. Remember, every action, no matter how small, can create ripples of change.

Q: Are there more resources on this topic?

A: Yes, our Resources page has links to further information, supportive organizations, and avenues for action. 

Q: I have a story to share. Can I contribute to your initiative?

A: We'd love to hear your story! Every voice adds a unique thread to our tapestry. Reach out to us through our Contact Us page. Together, let's turn your experiences into powerful narratives that inspire and empower.

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